How to save on fashion for the whole family

Today – How to save on fashion for the whole family

How to save on fashion for the whole family


How to save on fashion for the whole family

Having a big family means that sometimes the budget can be tight. Things you could indulge in as a single woman or couple without children sometimes goes out the window. I recently wrote about why you should go on an all-inclusive vacation with the family. And while vacations are amazing, they’re definitely not the everyday activity (unless you’re rich, or famous or royal, or something of that sort). One thing that you do do everyday, however, is get dressed (I hope), and there are definitely ways to get around the price tag of being stylish, not just for you, but for the whole family.

It can be really tempting to buy that shirt for £5 at the local discount shop, but you have to consider that it probably won’t last very long. Instead it can be a better idea to look for quality items that you can trust will make it safely through one wash. I did some research and have come up with some of my favourite UK based options for getting high quality items on a family budget. Here we go!


Save on fashion by buying pre-loved

Have you heard of They are a charity based online second hand shopping website. They stay up to date on the latest trends and sell products for the whole family, including housewares! With over 100,000 products online to choose from, it’s sure you’ll find something perfect for you. Of course it’s also a great time to head out to the local thrift shops to see what you can find. It’s like a treasure hunt and when you score a designer deal there is definitely a feeling of accomplishment!

Shopping online can also be a great way to get some high quality goods for a discount price. Ever consider that is a goldmine for deals? Especially if you know the item that you are looking for, for example if you have tried it on already at the store, you can get things for really good deals. You can also find really great websites that offer coupons or discounts on tons of different items. I found this really cool British company, Boden that sells really beautiful pieces for men, women, children, and recently babies too! Though their prices can be a little steep (especially for kids who grow quickly) I found some great discount codes for their site here. How can you go wrong with 60, 70, and 80% off?


How to save on fashion for the whole family – eco fashion

There’s a big movement towards more ethical fashion, and British brands are definitely no exception. I came across this site They are an online database for totally ethical fashion. Whether you prefer, fair-trade, organic, vintage etc. clothing brands, they are you ultimate go-to guide. I love the Cornwall based brand SeaSalt. They feature really nice fashionable and fun clothing, produced right down the road! Sometimes these styles can be a bit pricier, but it sure feels good to know that my clothes are being produced in a sustainable way! Or, try the ultimate sustainable family clothes practice of hand-me downs, saving money by recycling! What do you guys think? Any tricks that I didn’t think of here?


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