How to sell on event tickets you no longer want

I am a great believer in not wasting money.

Being stuck with tickets you can’t use is a pain. Whatever the reason perhaps its illness, a clash of dates or simply fell out with your boyfriend you are going to want to get some cash for those tickets you have paid for.

If you are wary of selling them last minute on eBay then you may feel a bit stuck. Lurking around a stage door trying to pass them on or hassling your friends  aren’t great plans but you don’t want to lose out.

Well no worries I am delighted to have found this brilliant new site StubHub that has been operating successfully as a ticket hub for fans to buy and sell tickets in the USA for the last ten years.

Stub Hub is fabulous for sellers

They guarantee…

  • It’s free to list your tickets
  • You set your price and can adjust it at any time before your tickets sell
  • You’ll get paid for all sales you complete as promised in your listing
  • You’ll never have to deal directly with buyers

They have a wonderful fan protect guarantee that works for both buyers and sellers and it really does offer comprehensive protection so no matter what happens you don’t lose out.

So if your dad bought you Rick Astley tickets but you are more of a Human League fan then if you pop over to Stub Hub you can sell one lot of tickets and buy the other. It’s simple.




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