How to Sell Your Home Quickly

Today we are going to look at How to Sell Your Home Quickly

The housing market is always subject to change and fluctuation; as such, this can make selling your home a little tricky. If you’re looking for a quick sale, this post takes a look at how you can maximise your chances.


How to Sell Your Home Quickly

How to Sell Your Home Quickly


How to Sell Your Home Quickly


Working on First Impressions

Get the things buyers will immediately see up to top form. Property surveyors will see right through the cosmetics of a house, but that doesn’t mean a buyer will; wow them from the outset and they’re more likely to take interest in your property and make a potential offer.

  • Front of House
    Neaten front lawns, driveways and front doors – adding a new doorknob or a pair of door framing plant pots can really improve the look and feel of your house.
  • The Hallway
    Clear footwear, coats, buggies and any clutter for viewings and put in a mirror to make the hall seem larger, brighter and more welcoming – this goes for the rest of the house too.
  • Quick Touch-ups
    Quick fixes like a few licks of paint and replacements for smaller fixtures and fittings like taps, cupboard handles and joinery will all count in your favour with the buyer.



Online Property Services

Trends in the housing market indicate a move to property agents and online buying services such as Quick Move Now where you’re are able to get a quicker sale, and more value for money than the traditional route of high street property agents.

A key fact of the matter is that buyers are making a concerted effort to look online. Buyers can build their own digital shortlists of potential property purchases rather than the time-consuming method of booking in appointment with multiple high street housing agents.

Just how do online valuations work? Lots of online property agents use both algorithms, and a combination of collated information from local government and trends in the local area to provide an accurate valuation of your property.


How to Sell Your Home Quickly – Why Move Online?

High street agents charge a percentage of the sale price that can look innocuous at 1-2%, but when it comes down to it, the fee can rack up between the regions of £6000 – £300,000 depending on the property’s sale value. Online agents tend to charge a flat fee instead – this works because they have fewer overheads and different business model than traditional agents. The business model of an online property buyer means that they can significantly reduce the time it takes to process a sale

What are the benefits of selling your property online? Well, the short answer is simply a quicker sale and much lower fees in the majority of cases.



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