DIY Air Freshener #AKitchenSpringClean

Spring is almost here and the sun is starting to shine. In doing so it highlights all the dirt and marks in our homes and a Spring Clean is absolutely essential.

We love our homes to look bright and fresh and yet we all know that it can be quite an effort to get them to this state. So in our home we like to inject a little fun into the event. This year as part of our Spring Cleaning we have made zome zesty mandarin air freshner.


DIY air freshener


Here is how we made it.

You need

Small wooden blocks

Tupperware tun with lid

Mandarin Oil

Paint brush



Simply place your wooden blocks into the tupperare box and then paint them all over witht he oil.

Then add a little more ooil and leave the cubes to soak int he

sealed tub overnight so the cubes absorb all the oil.

Make sure you wash your hands really well.

Arrange the cubes inb a pretty bowl and leave to fragrance your kitchen.


Other things that help you keep your kicthen sparkly clean:

If your worktops are getting old and scratched, get new ones from somewhere like they will be so much easier to clean.

It is worth investing in a sturdy dustpan and brush as well as a great mop to keep your floors gleaming.

Cleaning windows with soap water and a scrunched up newspaper is a tried and tested trick (and alledgedly much better than vinegar.)

Laminate kitchen work surfaces hard wearing and and easy to clean and do make it keeping your kitchen fresh so much easier.

Do have a good declutter as you spring clean it give you LOADS less to clean! and makes sucha  fiffenerbce to how tify everywhere looks.

Remember to clean the insides of things too such as the overn and the fridge the washing maching and the dishwasher so your kitchen is TRULY clean.

New faucets make such a difference to a kitchen  have alook  here for more info to find the right faucets for you


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I would absolutely LOVE to hear your top Spring Cleaning tips and any DIY cleaning ideas you may have.

Do let me know in the comments below.




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  1. February 23, 2018 / 03:20

    i try this!!!and my whole family loved it!thank you so much for sharing this!good thing i have some tools that can cut much smaller wood.

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