How To Stage Your Home Affordably

How To Stage Your Home Affordably – top tips.

If you’ve recently made the decision to move house this year, you’re probably in the middle of preparing. Completing the paperwork for your new home, packing up your belongings, and finding and coordinating with a removal company—these are just a few of the things involved.

One task you might need to get done is to sell your home, which involves staging your home and accepting viewers. At first, staging your home might seem like it requires a lot of time, effort, and not to mention, money. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way!


How To Stage Your Home Affordably, Becky Goddard-Hill

How To Stage Your Home Affordably


How To Stage Your Home Affordably

There are several easy ways to make your house look as attractive and welcoming as possible. Here are a few tips to easily and affordably increase the chances of receiving a good offer for your house.


  • Maximise the light in your home

One of the most important and effective things you can do when staging your home is to let in as much light as possible. This is arguably just as important as cleaning or properly designing your home. After all, your house might be as stylish and clean as it can be, but it’ll all be for nothing if visitors can’t see anything!

Open up your window treatments and opt for thinner curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. Also, consider hanging up a few mirrors here and there. By strategically placing mirrors, you can reflect the light around the room and significantly brighten up the space. Not only will your visitors be able to see everything, the light will also have a positive psychological effect on them.


  • How To Stage Your Home Affordably – Freshen up

Another quick and inexpensive change you can make is to add a new layer of paint to a room or two. Fix up faded paint to breathe new life into your walls. The safe route is to go for a neutral colour that goes with almost anything—something like a white or a muted blue or grey.

The other choice is to add a bit of visual variety and appeal. This is done by choosing a new, interesting colour. With this, your choice depends on what you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you want to draw the visitors’ eyes to one wall, choosing a vivid colour will do the trick, sort of like an accent wall. Also, think about how different colours can change people’s mood to influence your choice.

  • Replace some fixtures

This might be a small task but it can really make a big difference. Replace things like door knobs, handles, and light fixtures to give your home a new look. This can be particularly effective on your front door. A shiny, new door knob and letterbox, together with a fresh coat of paint and a few plants, can really make a world of difference.

You can achieve a similar effect in your kitchen too. Replace the handles and knobs of your kitchen cabinets and drawers can add a bit of flair and style to your cooking space. And with light fixtures, you can really add some interesting lighting effects and shapes—try experimenting with exposed light bulbs for the warm glow or other unique designs.


  • Clean up the clutter

Another easy and cheap way to stage your home is to declutter it. This doesn’t just involve getting rid of messes and a general cleaning. It also involves getting rid of things that don’t contribute to your interior design vision. So not only does decluttering mean clearing things away so that people can navigate your home easily, it also means rearranging items to enhance the look of rooms.

Another big part of getting rid of clutter is to de-personalise your home. If viewers see quite a lot of personal items such as photos, family heirlooms, and souvenirs, it can be difficult for them to visualise themselves living in the space. Decluttering also has the added benefit of getting a head start on packing up your items when you move house.


  • Create an “inviting” atmosphere

You need to make your house look as inviting and cosy as possible. Fluff up the pillows in your bedrooms, have your nicest linen on display, and show off white, clean towels in the bathrooms. It is easier to save your nicest towels and linen purely for when you’re accepting visitors.

Before viewers arrive, open windows to have fresh air circulate throughout the house. Have some fresh flowers or fruit on a counter or table. Introduce pleasant aromas throughout your home—flowers are a natural way of doing this, but you can use essential oil diffusers or even bake some cookies!

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