How to stop spending at Christmas #5frugalthings

Oh blimey, Christmas is nearly here isn’t it- and are you ready?

I THINK I am and then I keep remembering something else I must post or do or buy and agggh it all ramps up again.


How to stop spending at Christmas

How to stop spending at Christmas – simple tips

Taking stock

This morning though I have sat with a coffee and come to the conclusion that if Christmas was tomorrow

  1. Everyone has a gift
  2. There is enough food
  3. The house is decorated enough
  4. We have entertainment galore and already been to the panto/a concert/a Christmas and a murder mystery!

and that in conclusion – I can stop spending.

I don’t need to nip to the shops for one more thing for gran, or to get Christmas nails done, or to buy more tags or the second set of crackers.


Time to rest and enjoy it.

Time to take stock and put your purse away folks.


Christmas Eve Boxes




We never had them when I was a kid – did you? But Christmas eve boxes with new pj’s, chocolate and perhaps even a toy or two are now pretty established, If your kids don’t need new PJ’s do not get sucked into his expensive new tradition.

My advice would be to spend Christmas Eve reading stories and watching a film, or cuddled up in your old PJ’s instead.


How to stop spending at Christmas


Boxing Day

For boxing day leftovers are the order of the day and hearty soups and simple pasties can easily be made form leftover Christmas dinner .


New Years Sales Shopping

As usual, I would advise you avoid avoid avoid unless there is something absolutely specific you want/need, then FOCUS shop.


New Years Eve Entertainment

I see staying in as the new going out these days. Take a look at my New years wishing tree a lovely family activity for new years eve that costs nothing but your time




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How to stop spending at Christmas – simple!

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1 Comment

  1. December 20, 2019 / 17:56

    I have just about stopped spending finally, and just as well as the budget is pretty much spent! No spend January next month.

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