How to store your keys safely outside

Do you have an key cabinet?

I don’t mean one inside your house where you should, but probably never do, hang your keys once you have come in, I mean one outside.

How to store your keys safely outside


How to store your keys safely outside

A lady I know who is disabled has one of these and for her it is an absolutely essential piece of kit. I know an older man who has one too, he has a number of carers look after him and he cannot always get to the door to let them in. And another friend of mine has one for her cleaning lady so she can come and go without my friend having to be there.

An outdoor key cabinet allows people to enter your house when you are not there without you having to give them their own specific key . Instead you would give them a specific code so they can enter the cabinet and get the key you have left there, replacing it again later. This is much safer than having keys with lots of people and much more convenient.

Keys do have a tendency to get lost so keeping a spare in a key cabinet is a good idea too, far cheaper than having to call a locksmith out!

They are a really inexpensive solution too.If you have a look over at Fast Keys you wills see prices start from under £20.

Securing  your home is so important and this is a great solution. Only someone who had the code will be able to access your key and for yourself it would provide a great back up plan and peace of mind.

Security on a budget!


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