How To Streamline Your Document Management

While there are many different aspects to running a business, a lot of the day-to-day work consists of dealing with various forms of documentation. The numerous bureaucracies that need to be navigated can be quite time-consuming, making it important that you streamline your approach wherever possible. Here’re some tips on how your business can increase efficiency when it comes to document management.


How To Streamline Your Document Management

Assess where you’re at

As with any streamlining process, the first step is to assess where you’re currently at. Evaluate your existing systems, looking at what works, what needs improving, and what is potentially redundant. From there, you can then start to develop a plan that’s based on your unique strengths and weaknesses.

Choose a document management system

Next, you’ll want to choose a document management system that’s able to cater to your business’s needs. There are heaps of different options on the market, some better than others. Based on the weaknesses and gaps that you identified in your initial assessment, you should be able to pick the right one for your business.

Stick with one naming convention

You can make your approach to document management infinitely simpler if you stick to a single naming convention. This will mean that employees know how to save and search for documents, without having to guess how the last person to use the document might have done it. Pick a single convection, and then ensure that all employees are on the ball when it comes to actually implementing it.

Digitise paper files

Convert any physical documents into a digital format with the help of a scanning company such as Scanning Hub. This will come with multiple benefits, from saving money on physical storage space to facilitating remote access.

Make use of metadata

Digital document management has been made far easier with the introduction of concepts such as metadata. Make sure that each of your files is tagged for easy retrieval, including information such as the kind of things contained in the document, the date it was created, and the project it’s part of. All of this, combined with a standardised naming convention, will make it easier to locate information as quickly as possible. 

Set access controls

One of the many benefits of digital document management systems is that you can set access controls based on the user. This becomes especially beneficial in the context of larger organisations, meaning that you don’t have to set individual controls for every single employee. Instead, you can grant access based on project, role, and seniority. 

Provide regular employee training

Finally, none of the measures listed above will be effective if you don’t also inform your employees. Make sure that you provide your workers with regular training, to ensure that they know how to use both existing and new systems to the best of their ability. Communicate how adopting these document management techniques can make their job easier, allowing them to get more done in less time.


By following these basic steps, you can likely benefit from significant improvements in your approach to data management. From choosing the right scanning provider to providing your employees with top-notch training, taking care of these points will go a long way to streamlining your overall approach to running your business.



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