How To Style Your Home For 2016

With the new year just around the corner and all the family and friends that have come and gone through your house in the festivities, you may look at your home a little differently. From maximising space in living areas to potentially adding a home extension, to the more basic home improvements, you will start looking at trends and seeing how they could fit into your home.


How To Style Your Home For 2016

Refin Ceramiche, an Italian based flooring and living specialist have a few top tips to when it comes to re-designing your living space and some top tips on the trends for 2016.


Interior design trend for 2016 No.1: Flooring


Well, of course we need to start with flooring, but it’s an important issue, after all, you spend your time walking and generally living on different surfaces throughout your home. Whilst carpets and wooden flooring in the UK has been a massive part of the culture, we are starting to see more and more homes with tiling, especially in kitchens and entrance hallways.

But the new developments for 2016 are the “wood look” tile which makes your flooring seem like wood but made from the same durable and easy to live with material of porcelain. The effect is quite remarkable, but because of it’s ease of use and functionality in the home, its looks as well as its general feel underfoot is something completely different and sure to be a design winner for 2016.


Interior design trend for 2016 No.2: Keep it Artisan

Having artisan goods in the home was a real style winner in 2015 and it is set to be even more of a hit for 2016. Tassles and crochet to basketry and makrame, you have to look at these objects as items that compliment the general look and feel of the home rather than over take it.

If you are going to be decorating your home with artisan goods, we recommend that you try and buy as local as possible, a great source of these items are local markets and antique stores that can give you a real sense of style and new design.
Don’t be afraid to also mix it up, if you have a handwoven rug that goes with your crochet lamp adornment, don’t be scared to place these with mass produced items such as a standard IKEA coffee table, it all adds to the effect.



Interior design trend for 2016 No.3: Mix Metallics and Metals

If you were to look at some of the more design rich collections right now, you will understand and notice that the 1950’s and 1970’s have started to influence a lot more interior design and shapes that are appearing in living quarters around the country.

Midcentury Mod mixed with brass, gold and metallic finishes are extremely popular right now and expect the trend to continue into 2016. (Don’t worry, we are still some time away from the big shoulder pads of the 1980’s to give us inspiration).


Interior design trend for 2016 No.4: Bring the Outdoors in

For the last few years, this idea of glamorous camping, glamping, has been slowly making it’s way into the collective thinking of many a holiday aficionado. But, the idea of glamping up your home with outdoor objects is starting to also take shape.
A lot of design trends for 2016 will start to see furniture that can be used for both the indoor and outdoor and then equally it will be complemented with accessories for both environments. Wall decor is going to also incorporate this look and feel to the home whilst rugged house plants like cactii are going to be very popular in 2016.




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