How to Treat Yourself Once a Month

Today – How to Treat Yourself Once a Month

How to Treat Yourself Once a Month


How to Treat Yourself Once a Month

I have just been reading some lovely Autumn Self-Care tips and feel inspired to share mine too. 

In order to feel healthy and happy, you need to be kind to yourself and make time to enjoy life. It’s easy to get caught up in a hectic routine, whether that’s due to your career, running a household or trying to balance both. Before you know it, you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted, which can lead to feelings of depression and frustration if it goes on for too long. This is why you should make sure you’re treating yourself at least once a month to boost your morale and relax. Here are some ways you can squeeze one treat a month into your busy schedule.


Set a Date

Take the time to look at your calendar or diary and find a weekend that you’re free. It doesn’t have to be a full weekend: even a Friday night would do. Write it down that this date is going to be your treat day and don’t let other plans take its place. If you keep putting others before yourself, you’ll struggle to fit in some quality ‘me time’.


Use Vouchers – How to Treat Yourself Once a Month

If you want to treat yourself to some new clothes, a day out or other purchases, but are worried about spending too much money, consider using discount codes and vouchers to make it more manageable. There are plenty available, and many are for big brand names, such as these John Lewis discount codes. As suggested above, these vouchers can also be used for meals out or experience days, allowing you to do a lot of things for affordable prices.



How to Treat Yourself Once a Month



Try Something New

Treating yourself to a favourite takeaway, a haircut or something you do all the time is a nice way to enjoy certain comforts, but why not try something new? These experiences are good for your personal growth and can be stimulating. You don’t have to do them alone, either: you can always invite a friend or partner along with you. Either try something different every month or every other month to keep your treat days feeling exciting.


Set Goals – How to Treat Yourself Once a Month

Treats feel even better when you know you have earned them, and many people avoid treating themselves because they don’t feel as though they deserve it. To make your monthly treat feel more satisfying, make a list of goals you want to achieve before your chosen treat day date. Not only will this help to motivate you to be productive, but you will also feel very pleased with yourself and savour your treat day even more so when it arrives.


Set a Budget

While it’s important to treat yourself, spending more than you can afford each month on doing this will only lead to financial stress and worry. Considering a treat is supposed to make you feel better and alleviate feelings of stress, it would be counterproductive to find yourself in such a predicament. This is why you should always set a realistic budget as to how much you can spend on your monthly treat, whether that be a day out, dinner or a new frivolous purchase.

You work hard and you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts. If no one else is going to treat you – treat yourself!



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