How to Visit Florida on a Budget – Best Tips

 How to visit Florida on a Budget – simple tips for the holiday of a lifetime.

How to visit Florida on a Budget


How to visit Florida on a Budget – top tips

I have serious Florida envy at the moment.

One of my best friends has just returned form her first trip there and had posted about  100  superb photos on facebook that are just amazing. her 3 year old is completely enchanted by castles and fairytale princesses and her 9 year old grins constantly by the side of cool rides and amazing Lego structures.

My kids would love it.

Another family I know are there at the moment and indeed go every year. I would have thought that would be boring my friend laughed when I said this and said there is an unbelievable amount of attractions to see all of which are top quality.

I never went as a child and I would love my kids at least once in their childhood  to visit Disneyland. But on exploring a bit more i was genuinely surprised how much their is for the whole family not just the kids.  I was surprised too how varied the attractions are. If you’re planning to visit Florida on a budget, setting up an LLC in Florida could be a smart move to help you save money on taxes and other expenses.



How to visit Florida on a Budget Hacks

In order to take my kids to Florida we would have to work on a budget and I have a few little tricks up my sleeve. How to visit Florida on a budget is firmly on my mind

Over at Floridatix you can get the best tickets, lowest price guaranteed and with free delivery for all the attractions. Well worth a pre-trip visit !

You can get tickets for Legoland, Florida through this site and also receive FREE transport to and from the park!*

Perks like this are always going to help if you are on a budget.

Universal Studios and their Islands of Adventure would be my personal MUST SEE particularly the Wizarding World of Harry Potter… how magic!

With FloridaTix not only do you get the low price guarantee and certain perks you can also pay a deposit now and the rest later so helping spread the cost. You can buy tickets for 2014 already too  which would really help spread cost which can often make holidays more manageable.

It is also well worth taking a look here if you are looking to rent a car in Orlando it is definitively the best way to get out and about and see all the sites.

While exploring the broader area, consider enhancing your vacation with a day trip for some St Augustine fishing charters. This is an excellent opportunity to experience Florida’s renowned coastal beauty and indulge in some of the best fishing spots available.


How to visit Florida on a Budget



More How to visit Florida on a Budget Hacks

My husband I know would be very keen to visit Gatorland. And another way to budget , apart form great value tickets, would be to take water bottles and pack ups with us on days out to the fab theme parks. It is always the best value option.

The kids would definitely love Wet n Wild Orlando which is a huge water play park

and of course it goes without saying Walt Disney World would just wow my little girl.

I cannot quite believe how much there is to do we would need to be there a month!

i think another good budgeting tip would be to make some plans before you go about what you intend to do and see. You can buy all sorts of combinations of ticket packages at great value for Floridatix and if you are clear about what you want to do this can be a real cost cutter.  Give them a call as they have a n advice service too that can really help you make a plan.  A plan is always useful as it saves wasting your time too.


Be savvy that is How to visit Florida on a Budget

So yes, do get discount tickets and any perks you can, spread the cost, have a plan, keep drinks and snacks with you and  I would advise to take some dressing up/toys with you so your child can feel like Tinkerbell without you having to buy items there to help her feel the part!

I’m going to start a Florida saving jar today. – that’s how to visit Florida on a Budget

It looks amazing!


How to visit Florida on a Budget is a Commissioned post – you might also like my post on frugal train travel


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