How valuable is your dad?

How valuable is your dad?

In March we shared with you the true value of a mum for mother’s day.

With father’s day just around the corner it is time to reflect on just how valuable our fathers are.

Using research from the MoneySupermarket life cover team, the infographic below shows a father’s worth in numbers.

Now some women may disagree with this stat but apparently the average dad spends 50 hours a week on chores and childcare which puts his annual financial value at £21,306.

Of those 50 hours, 20 are spent with the kids whilst just 2.5 hours are spent on each washing up, cleaning and gardening.

Shockingly 64 per cent of Dads often feel underappreciated in the home, so this father’s day show him how much you really do care.


How valuable is your dad?


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