Hungry Frogs Magic Sounds Board game

The Hungry Frogs Magic Sounds Board Game by Imagination games:

This game is lots of fun for young kids. I played it with my nine year old niece and we had a great time. It’s a simple game; you spin the spinner to move around the pond and hop around from lily pads to logs trying to catch flies.  Catch five flies and get back home to  to win the game. A couple of times I had nearly won only to have to restart because the frogs croaked and I was sat on a log! It’s a fun game of luck and chance.

We got a tiny bit confused which way to go around the board and had to decide for ourselves as it was a little unclear. Once that was sorted there was no problem Overall  this was a fun game and the sounds are FAB!  Our game lasted about 20 minutes. One for the family and the littlest of players may even win!

Magic Sounds Game - The Hungry Frogs


For 2 or more players and available from John Lewis, Tesco and Debenhams


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  1. Steph Love All Blogs / imcountingufoz
    October 10, 2012 / 13:14

    This sounds like a fun game for the whole family to play 🙂

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