I don’t regret starting a blog but here’s what I’d do differently

I don’t regret starting a blog


The pleasures of blogging

I don’t regret starting a blog but  truly there are things I would have done differently

Oh my goodness I absolutely do not in any way, shape or form regret writing a blog because I absolutely love it. Writing has been my passion since I was a very little girl and to be able to sit and do this every single day bring s me huge amounts of pleasure it truly does. How lucky I am to make a living this way.

The perkss of blogging are vast, opportunities, great products to review, events to goto , subjects to explore, things to learn, great bloggers and sometimes even celebs to meet. Blogging has led me to travel opportunities too…amazing!

Blogging is super flexible in terms of timing so that I can be there for my kids whenever the need arises. I am also able to work for my self something that suits my rather introverted personality and my liking for long periods of quiet.

I have made amazing virtual colleagues from blogging who are like office colleagues but online and I have made some really great friends too. Yes blogging has been absolutely a delightful job and it has been 10 years now since I started blogging. That’s pretty incredible, isn’t it!.

Most of you will probably know this int my only blog. I have a very successful home and interiors blog to A Beautiful Space as well as a food blog Eat Simply a travel blog called Bukit a thrifty home blog and even more than that! Yep, I properly fell head over heels in love with blogging and I still am!


So what do I regret about starting a blog?

I can honestly say I really do not think I have any actual burning regrets but yes certainly a few wishes for different paths taken and a few things I still have to get sorted out! And I will!

Firstly, I do wish I had given my blog a different name. family budgeting is broad and makes it sound like my blog is just about money whereas I like to write about food and travel and more. I wish I had a more vague title than I really would have felt more able to include anything and maybe I wouldn’t have felt the need to create so many blogs!



So what names would I perhaps have chosen? Well, I could have gone really vague with some thing like Becky’s Blog but hmmm, I  know that wouldn’t have been right. But maybe something like Family Life would have been so much broader and not tied me down to finance so much? Something I need to give thought to but actually, to be honest, I probably will never change my blog name now. It really messes up things if you change your URL losing you readers and domain authority.  This, in turn, affects your google ranking which in turn affects how much work you get and your income.

I do not want to be messing with my income which brings me neatly onto my next regret/consideration.

One more thing I do regret is that I have not yet protected my blogging income.I know, beforey ou voice it, I think this is really remiss of me, especially seeing as I blog about money and how we really do need to look after it well. Very careless.

I absolutely need to do this as this is now the main income into our family I need to hop on and compare online to make sure I get the best life insurance that will cover my blog income too. It is vital I do this. If anything happened to me my income would be very sorely missed. I am going to make this a priority and get it scheduled into my diary to be sorted,

Do you have your income protected?

I don’t often write about blogging  but I every once in a while it is something I like to reflect on. It is a very unusual career pathway and many moons ago when I took a literature degree this is not the kin of writing I envisaged doing. But now I need to protect it, starting with the money I earn from it!  Have a look here at my post on how to make money blogging if this something you re keen to try.


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