I had a Premium Blogger Makeover Mash-Up from Mothers and Shakers

Mothers and Shakers Makeover

Mothers and Shakers

Have you noticed a few changes around here?

Don’t you think my sidebars are looking nice and tidy?

I have a few new features too don’t you know; brilliant budget recipes and budget tips feature. I am certainly making fewer typos and I have been making more of an effort with Twitter. I am also having a new banner made.

What’s happening to me? Is it a late spring clean?

Well, actually I have been ‘mash-ed’ here at Family Budgeting – well and truly!

MaSh (Mothers and Shakers) is a boutique social media collective who offer all sorts of social media support including some fabulous blogger outreach options.

I really respect the bloggers that make up this collection and know a couple of them personally. They all have awesome blogs and I wanted their advice!

Well all of them cast their eyes over my blog and gave it an in-depth critique, I told them to be ruthless and thorough and they really had a good look at it. They had also asked me my goals for my blog which I had shared.

The result was a really comprehensive report looking at each area of my blog from content to style, layout to tone, and from features to use of social media. They generated some really good points that I had been half-aware of of and many calls to action that I hadn’t even considered. A lot of food for thought. There’s plenty to keep me busy and lots of really interesting ideas. I was impressed, I think their input will make a big difference to how this blog progresses.

I went for the premium blogger mash up at £75 (and well worth every penny – I got expert advice!)  If you are stuck with your blog or feeling uninspired or if you have big ambitions for it but aren’t sure where to start a blogger mash-up is a huge help. You are in excellent hands.


You can find Mothers and Shakers on

Website: http://www.mothersandshakers.net/

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/MothersAndShakers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MothersShakers


Here is what they offer

Premium Mothers and Shakers Services for Bloggers

Premium Blogger MaSh-Up – get the benefit of 8 bloggers/creative specialists analysing your blog and your blogging goals and helping you create a road map for improvement

Social Media Boost – we use our social influence to give your blog or blogging project/campaign a big boost

Skills Shop – advertise your blogging (or other creative business) services or products on our web site and reach your ideal customers

Negotiating with sponsors – we help you evaluate your worth and get fair compensation for working with brands

For details of our rates and packages, please email us at contact@mothersandshakers.net


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  1. July 19, 2013 / 08:47

    I did notice, but had no idea that the awesome powers of the MaSH team were involved. Loving their work 🙂

  2. July 19, 2013 / 12:48

    What a thrilling post! I spotted the changes instantly — your site is looking lean and clean and can’t wait to see your new banner 🙂

    We had a great subject to work with as you already had a solid foundation, so all we were doing was helping you build from there. Thanks so much for submitting your blog to be our first Premium MaSh-Up. It was very exciting (you saw how we all jumped in feet first ha ha) and we also learned a lot from your feedback.

    Keep it up! x

  3. Emma T
    July 19, 2013 / 21:12

    It looks great. I want to chunk up some of my blog and I know some of the bits I want to be able to do, I’m just not sure how I do it technically! Think I need some css lessons.

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