I have this thing with Windows

One of the first things I notice when I go into someone’s home is their windows.  I love them to be sparkly clean and well dressed.

I adore big bay windows looking out onto the street. I keep looking at new houses and these always attract me. I can imagine sitting  by the them reading as the sunlight pours in.



Stained glass windows. particularly in doorways, make me especially happy when the sunshine streams through and the colours dance in the hallway.

Roof windows completely delight me:  being able to see the blue skies of summer, fluffy clouds, teeming rain and of course the stars. Oh I would love some roof windows. There is a great practical guide to roof windows  over at  Solstro Roofwindows that shows they are entirely do-able.

I like to see well dressed windows too, I am not a fan of fussy or patterned curtains. Lace nets make me twitch for some reason, despite my home town of Nottingham having the most fabulous lace making history.

I like plain blinds too, simple, sleek, clean lines that block out all the light.

I also really like white and blue wooden shutters that open up onto balconies, onto gardens or directly onto the street. i went to Rome once and I stayed in a hotel which had the most beautiful wooden shutters that opened up on to a tiny balcony on a busy buzzy plaza. I would stand in the window drinking coffee watching the handsome men on their vespa and smelling pizza and sunshine. It was blissful.

If you look up the hashtag on Instagram #Ihavethisthingwithwindows you will find over 13,ooo photographs people have shared  of their favourite windows from churches to random houses they have passed, from ships to  sheds. Windows are adored everywhere.

I guess quite a few of us have a bit of a thing about windows!






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