Ideas for your Baby’s First Christmas

Guest post – Ideas for your Baby’s First Christmas


Christmas is automatically made one hundred times more magical when spending it with a wonderful new addition to the family. Although I’m sure you need no help at all in making your baby’s very first Christmas a memorable one, we’ve come up with some ideas of how to do just that, so that it’s amazing for the whole family.

Ideas for your Baby’s First Christmas

Dress them up

We’ve all been guilty of dressing our little bundles of joy up in silly outfits now and again, and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to go crazy. How about a baby Santa suit, an elf or snowman costume? They may not thank you when they’re older, but it’s sure to give everyone else a giggle!

Turn their nursery into a mini grotto

Why not add Christmas decorations to their bedrooms? Things like fairy lights, garlands and even mini trees make a great festive addition to even the teeniest of tot’s bedrooms, and will help to spread Christmas cheer throughout the whole house.

Capture every moment

Ideas for your Baby’s First Christmas

Photographs are a lovely memento to look back on, and will be great to show your children when they grow up. Keep them safe in a lovely photo frame that captures their best moments in their first year with you all. Framed photos also make great presents for close family members too – grandparents, in particular, are bound to love them. Wonderful Ideas for your Baby’s First Christmas

Start a family tradition

Christmas is all about tradition, and what better time to start one than your baby’s first one? It could be anything at all, from how you decorate the tree, to somewhere you visit each year, or even something like a charity donation you make each Christmas. Let your imagination run wild!


Ideas for your Baby’s First Christmas could include Starting a savings fund

Why not purchase a lovely baby money box, and start saving for when the toys and games they request for Christmas turn into iPods and Play stations? You could make it a Christmas specific one, adding to it each year.


Have a picture with baby and Santa

A special moment for the whole family will be when your little one first catches a glimpse of Father Christmas for the first time. Find your nearest grotto online, and take the whole family for a fantastic day out. Oh, and don’t forget to take the camera!


Purchase a special keepsake – lovely Ideas for your Baby’s First Christmas

Many parents like the idea of giving their child something they can keep forever on their first Christmas. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive – it could even be a personalised bauble for the tree, for instance. They’re available here, along with lots of other lovely xmas gifts for baby and the whole family.

More Ideas for your Baby’s First Christmas – Send out homemade baby cards

Your family and friends (especially grandparents!) will absolutely love receiving a special card, as (sort of) made by baby. Invest in some good quality card, and use baby friendly paint to print stamps of their little feet and hands on the cover.


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