Ideas for a Spare Bedroom Makeover

Have you ever wanted to revamp the spare room in your home but never had the means?    Fortunately you don’t need an infinite budget to make the most of this new space and there are many things you can do with it – figuring out how it will be used can be half the fun too. Here are some low-cost ideas for making your extra space a room to be proud of.


Guest room

One of the most popular choices for a spare room makeover is a guest room and with the many benefits a guest room in the home can provide, its little wonder. A well-made guest room can add significant value to your home as well as making you a very hospitable host to friends and family.

This is an especially ideal choice if one of your children has recently flown the nest since they are always guaranteed somewhere other than a sleeping bag when visiting. The transition into guest room from a recently used bedroom will be relatively cheaper to achieve too. If the current decor is already gender neutral i.e. light tones and pastel shades, then you have the bare bones of a beautiful guest bedroom.



If you happen to be a book worm or maybe just value your ever-growing film collection, a home library can be the most stylish form of storage possible. Storage space is always a problem, particularly in family homes, so if you find that each bookcase in the house is messily packed with assorted DVDs and books, display them in one striking collection instead. You could, if you wish, include a quality reading lamp and seating area if space allows.


Living room

A popular trend in modern decor is to feature second living rooms and casual lounge areas throughout the house. A living room can work just as well in any other room besides the traditional downstairs spot and the sense of a second relaxed living space complete with a TV and seating area will create a holiday home feel for guests and future buyers.

Adding a second living area to the home provides you with more options and may help you to increase the home’s value in other ways i.e. you may eventually consider transforming your current downstairs lounge into an extended kitchen or dining area.


Decorating a new space in the home can be enormously therapeutic and rewarding, since it will serve a purpose for many years to come. Whatever theme you decide upon for yours, any decor type can be vastly improved with a piece of elegant high quality furniture. The beautiful collection of shabby chic, mahogany and solid oak pieces by Notation Furniture can simply define a room – timeless versatile and stunning, they make the perfect addition to any newly decorated room.


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