If I were the Queen on a budget

The Queen on a budget

If I were the queen and it was my diamond jubilee year…..

  • I would probably feel very overexcited. (I get like that at parties and at Christmas anyway imagine how I would feel after  60 years on the throne and the fanciest tiaras in the world to wear!)
  • I would want to throw a masked ball and invite all my friends to wear their best frocks and carry fancy Venetian eye masks and we would whirl around my palace drinking pink champagne.
  • I would release lots and lots of balloons with fivers attached.

Wouldn’t it be fab!

queen budget


Photo Credit: Micheal Gwyther Jones

But hold on, there is a recession going on and I think the queen may feel the need to appear a bit more restrained with her spending. I have been told by a journalist they use a lot of Tupperware up at the palace which shows a frugal mindset after all.

According to Wikipedia

To mark the anniversary of the Queen’s accession, the lighting of 2,012 beacons across the Commonwealth is planned. A luncheon for Commonwealth heads of state and government is also to take place in London.8 In February 2012, a senior advisor was quoted as saying the Queen set two guidelines for the planning of her jubilee: the use of public funds should be minimised, and people should not “be forced to celebrate

So she really isn’t going to spend all our money on partying or force us to join in. I think that as she is on a bit of a budget rather than having a meal for heads of state and lighting beacons she should send every street in the nation strawberries and cream and party hats, egg and spoons and sacks for sack races and some tinned pineapples. Street parties are the business and take little more than planning, goodwill and a muck in mentality. Perfect partying on a budget.

I hope she reads this in time to cancel the dinner and beacons!

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  1. Jen Stanbrook
    March 7, 2012 / 20:30

    Street parties are the best. We had one for Wills and Kate’s wedding and it was a hoot! Hope we can get one off the ground for this year. We all mucked in and brought the food, but if the Queen would like to send us some strawberries, all the better! 🙂

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