If you had some money spare what would you do….?

I would take the whole day off to myself. I’d go out for breakfast lunch and tea. I would go to a bookshop where I could also drink good coffee and eat lots of cake and I would browse for hours and buy some lovely new books.

( A flask and the library will have to do!)

I would also go tho the White Stuff and buy loads of new clothes and have a great haircut whilst I was at it

(I’m having to go for the ‘just got out of bed hair do’ and my old clothes will just have to do!)

I would go on a  cruise holiday  My best friend’s mum and dad booked with Thomson and  came back RAVING about theirs and it sounded fabulous.

( A little picnic by the side of the canal will have to suffice for now)

I would buy my children ponies and take them to Disney

(Donkeys at Skegness is as close as we will get this year!)

Photo credit: Dave_F

I would treat my hubby to a really sleek expensive car and I would get a zippy little sports car with a soft top

( A new second hand bike for J may be all we can stretch too!)

If I had some money spare I would also like a house on the beach with huge glass windows, It would be really light and airy I’d have my own office and a housekeeper

( I have a little desk in the kitchen covered in bits and bobs and empty coffee cups and a creaking house over looking a road.)

Oh there is a lot I could do with spare money indeed! The less I have the more I seem to dream. But I know I should just be contented with my lot for indeed it is a good lot. I have food, holidays, transport, entertainment, toys for my kids, food in my belly and clothes on my back. We are in fact FAR BETTER OFF than most of the world.

But still we can dream right?

If you had money to spare I wonder, what’s on your wish list?



  1. Jennifer Dyson
    September 20, 2012 / 18:21

    If i had some money spare I would spend it on our own house instead of having to rent! (popped over from Baby Budgetting to say Hi!)

  2. Rebecca Beesley
    September 20, 2012 / 22:50

    love your wish list – I’d settle for the ‘day off by myself’ at the moment after what the kids have got up to today!!! Very true last paragraph too – we are all indeed better off than much of the world and yet we often whinge far more. x

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