I’m fed up with washing the pots!

Today – Fed up with washing the pots

Housework isn’t my thing. I wish it was; I wish I ran an efficient, organised, tidy family home. The truth is I don’t. I didn’t before having kids and it certainly didn’t get any better when I had them.  In fact fitting into the day what already felt like a very boring chore became even more annoying and tricky to do.

I have tried putting household chores in my diary like appointments; I have read books on banishing clutter and the housework blues, all to no avail. Housework gets on top of me! Ironing piles reach higher and higher, paperwork sits in bulging bundles waiting to be sorted.  Pots pile up in the sink.


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Pots in the sink are a new thing. I used to have a wonderful little dishwasher, granted it was too small for our little family really and probably had to be on twice a day but I loved it in spite of its shortcomings. It kept dirty pots out of sight; it cleaned them and housed them till I was ready to put them away. It was a good friend to me. Sadly it was well used by the time it came to me and a few weeks ago it gave up the ghost. It was a sad day in our house. Ever since I try and tackle my pots first thing in the morning and after tea but it’s a pain. I am a busy lady and there is so much else to be doing. Even when I’ve washed them they fight for space on the draining board and threaten to topple.

I do know my mum and granddad would be shaking their heads in dismay at my whining about washing pots if they were here to read this. Sorry mum and grandad!  I know I am spoilt. In my defense I will do other work stuff for hours without complaining) it’s just house stuff that I struggle with…honest!.


Fed up with washing the pots? here’s what to do

So without having to defend myself further I declare it is time for a new dishwasher. I will gladly forego any other treats  for several months in order to get one too!

Now I have never bought a dishwasher as my little slim line one was a gift so I don’t really know what dishwasher to choose.  I don’t want to waste my money and I want to get the very best value for it so I am going to take a 3 pronged approach. I plan to:

  1.  Read lots of dishwasher reviews
  2.  Ask around friends and see who thinks their model is amazing
  3. Call the plumber we use and ask his advice


How do you decide what type of new appliance to buy?


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  1. July 7, 2012 / 10:33

    We completely rely on our dishwasher too and even with it still find it difficult to stay on top of the dishes!

    The washing machine we were left when we bought our house gave up the ghost a month ago and using reusable nappies made me really research the best machine for our money. I used a combination of research tools, but found which?really helpful. They do a month trial subscription for £1 and you can look for best buys. We bought from John Lewis as the warranty is well worth it, but saw.some good dishwashers at Ikea the other day.

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