3 important and often neglected home renovations

Today – 3 important and often neglected home renovations

When it comes to home renovations people tend to go for the obvious, an updated kitchen or bathroom or maybe an attic conversion.

There are other areas of the home where attention is also required and where giving such attention would make a big impact. Let’s look at 3 such areas where it is a good idea to invest a little time and money in making your home fabulous.


Often neglected home renovations


often neglected home renovations


3 important and often neglected home renovations


When it comes to staircases there is very rarely much attention given beyond the pondering over carpets vs wooden floors. but our staircases are actually incredibly important. They get so much wear and tear, they are used by almost everyone that comes to your home and they are on constant show. A great staircase is a lovely thing.

Staircase refurbishment is often neglected but really it should not be. A staircase renovation can transform the look of your hole home adding a touch of modernity and style that pulls your whole scheme together. Whether your new staircase incorporates glass or hardwood, steel or bronze it really can be a design feature in its own right.



Window renovations can also completely change the vibe of a home and are well worth considering. Full-length windows, roof lantern windows and a plethora of other design possibilities can increase the light in your home as well as give the most wonderful views. Do take a good look at your window options and do get the most energy efficient you can. By getting great windows fitted you will not only reduce your energy bills but you will absolutely increase the saleability of your home.



Doors that have gaps at the bottom and let out the heat, doors that don’t stay shut poroperly, doors that are mismatched. Just no! How they can spoil the continuity of a home design but also in practical terms be a real irritant.  Replacing doors or renovating the ones you have is a really good idea as again these are items used and seen all the time but often get forgotten.


So there you go 3 often overlooked and neglected home renovations projects that make a big difference to the look and feel of your home.


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