Inexpensive and Fun Summer Garden Toys


Lets take a look at Inexpensive and Fun Summer Garden Toys

The Works is rather a fabulous shop that sells so many fun things. It not only stocks games & toys, but also arts & crafts, stationery and lots of other useful little bits and bobs for really affordable prices.

They sent us a summer hamper and we have had so much fun with the garden toys they included,


Inexpensive and Fun Summer Garden Toys

Aqua target was our out and out favourite. At just £4 this is a complete bargain and so much fun. Basically you slip on the target vest and shoot each other with the water pistols. As your target gets wet it turns red and basically you have to try and completely cover your opponent’s vest! Such a giggle and the water guns stay full for ages. It’s perfect for kids that don’t like full on water blasting from super soakers but do still like a bit of a water fight.




The lawn dart set was also a big hit with my kids (and us adults) basically you get four large darts and 2 hoops and compete to see who can get the most in. We scored 5 points for landing it in the nearest hoop and 10 in the furthest. Great fun! The set costs £10 and  looks  robust.


The inflatable limo set looks great fun doesn’t it and it is coming with us to a family birthday garden party next weekend. My kids cannot wait to try it out. I suspect they know they will beat us hands down on this one! It costs £6.

So outdoor games really can be cheap and cheerful and these are fun for everyone.


Inexpensive and Fun Summer Garden Toys 


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