Interactive and free, the perfect way for kids and adults alike to send their love

Interactive and free, the perfect way for kids and adults alike to send their love – guest post

Traditional greeting cards are great; they let someone know that you care and that you’re thinking about them. However, it can be hassle having to go all the way to shop and sift through the myriad options before you find the right one. They aren’t cheap either, and the costs soon rack up, especially if your child has been going to a lot of birthday parties.

Worse still, when you hand the card over the best reaction you can expect is a polite thank you before it is gets completely forgotten about as the actual present comes into view. The card might stay on the mantel piece for a couple of days before being thrown out with all the other rubbish but, all in all, the shelf life of a greetings card hardly makes the cost and effort of getting one worth it. But there is an alternative to the traditional greetings card – an e-card. E-cards are fun, interactive, personalised – and free!



Interactive and free, the perfect way for kids and adults alike to send their love – guest post


An e-card has much the same purpose as a normal greetings card. You send one to someone when they have a special event in their life, like a birthday or even when they start school. The main difference is that an e-card is digital so you send it over the internet to someone’s email inbox.

The idea of the e-card has been bouncing around right from the start of the internet. The first e-card was called the electronic postcard and it won the GNN Best of the Net award in 1995. However, the concept of e-cards took a while to get used to and only 10-20 cards were sent in the first week of their inception. These days though, millions of e-cards are sent every day and the range of different types of e-cards is growing all the time.

It’s no wonder that the popularity of e-cards is soaring when you consider all the benefits of using them. The most obvious benefit is, of course, the cost, or more specifically, the lack of cost. There are loads of e-cards that are available for free at hallmark, which could end up saving you quite a bit of money when you think of all the cards you send over the course of a year.

Because it’s easy to personalise an e-card, you have a lot options for when you want to send them, and because they’re free you don’t even have to wait for a special occasion. You could send one to a work colleague just to wish them a happy Monday or send one to your kid just to let them know how much you care about them. You can also send e-cards to more than one person at a time at no extra cost and in no more time than it takes to send one.

An e-card can be in the form of a game, a challenge or even a video and they are interactive as well – this means that the person receiving them can play around with them on their computer. But it’s not just those on the receiving end of an e-card that get to enjoy them, even designing and making an e-card with Hallmark is fun. When you’re getting your e-card ready to send you have lots of options, like which colour you want it to be and what you want it to say. This is great for kids as it lets them have fun with being creative.

When you send an e-card it’s easy for the recipient to quickly say thanks, but it’s not just them who’ll be thanking you – the earth will too. Although e-cards can be used over and over again, when they finally reach their use-by-date they can be deleted with a simple click of a button – with no harm to the environment.


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