My Introduction to Beautiful Interiors

When I was in my teens Art was a major part of my life.

I loved to paint and draw, to wander for hours around art exhibitions and read about artists. I took an A level in History of Art even though  my school didn’t teach the subject and I managed to pass with flying colours. My practical skills were somewhat erratic and I turned down a place at Cambridge Polytechnic to study Art and accepted a place at Queen Mary and Westfield college at the University of London to study an Art History degree.


The college  was in Hampstead. I was one of only a small handful of students who were from the North and had not gone to boarding school. I was in an absolute minority arriving on a national express bus with all my belongings because we didn’t have a car. Chauffeurs pulled up and gorgeously styled rich models/students alighted. I was a fish out of water but  I got a very speedy introduction into how the other half live.

I made some friends there and I had a lot of fun. I have to say I learned a few things.

I learned that many very wealthy parents work such long hours or away and their children don’t really see them very much and I thought that was sad.

On a more positive note I also learned that having a home that has been designed for you is rather wonderful and landscaped gardens and gorgeous surroundings can make you feel very happy. Gosh the homes of my friends were seriously beautiful.  I came from a comf, cosy two up two down terrace with rather battered furniture. My room was filled with posters, an old desk and seen better days curtains.  These homes were rather amazing. Works of art.

If you pop over to  you will see the kind of home I mean. Their projects are all beautifully designed by interiors ‘artists’ . I learned form visiting these homes that art isn’t just something you put on a wall to admire , its not just a sculpture that stand in your garden. Art can be the whole design of your home, the whole look of it, the way it is laid out and arranged the furniture that is hose.

I didn’t last at art college. I ended up studying American literature in Essex. But I had learned a lot about art from seeing some wonderful homes, not necessarily from paying attention in my lessons.

One day I too will have a home that is artistically designed…for now though kiddy chaos will remain.




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