Why you should Invest in your pets health

Do you invest in your pet’s health?

We are a pet free home and I haven’t had many pets in my life but those I have had seem have cost me quite a lot of money over the years, largely because I have not been insured and they have had some kind of accident. So amidst all the worry and concern for a loved pet can come a debt you were in no way expecting and this can be hard to manage.

May people I know have been stung by huge vet’s bills that they have not had cover for. There is a lot to be said for having pet insurance and being covered when you need it. Let’s be honest we all get so attached to our pets no matter how expensive an operation or treatment is we are unlikely not to have it because it’s too expensive. My aunty once spent £7ooo she didn’t have on an operation on her horse. It’s how we are with our pets in the UK.

But it isn’t always accidents that lead to large and unexpected vet’s bills. General ill health in our pets can lead to repeated vets trips that cost us each and every time. Probably a cost we haven’t factored in to our budget either.

Because of this I would always advise having pet insurance and encouraging people to invest well in their  pet’s health generally. Fish oil for dogs is the kind of investment in their health that I mean.  

Invest in your pets health

Prevention is always better than cure( never so painful)  and often cheaper. Whether this means

·         Regular exercise

·         Support with cleanliness and hygiene

·         Great food and access to fresh water at all times

·         Regular injections and vaccinations as advised by your Vet

·         Health supplements

·         Stimulation e.g., toys to play with

·         A warm, safe and comfortable environment, fresh bedding

·         Protection from overzealous kids!

·         Attention to skin conditions in cats such as dry, flaky, flea ridden skin

·         Attention to dental health and hygiene and thoroughly cleaning dogs teeth


I firmly believe if we choose to have a pet we should care for that pet as we would our own child and make sure its health and wellbeing are given top priority.

Relevant pet DVD’s and current books full of upto date information can really help you learn to care well for your pets too.




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