Invest in yourself – 50 Simple & Powerful Ways

Invest in Yourself – why? Because you need to be your very own BFF

What does it mean to invest in yourself? Contrary to popular opinion, investing in yourself does not always involve financial investments. When you invest in yourself, you invest your time, efforts and willpower, not just money.


 Invest in yourself – to increase your happiness

The wealthiest people in the world are not the happiest because material wealth does not equate to happiness. Those who are the happiest invest their time and dedication to leading a better life physically, mentally and emotionally. Investing in yourself means working towards the goal of being a better, happier you. And money doesn’t buy you that; only your willpower and efforts do.


ways to invest in yourself

ways to invest in yourself


So, here are 50 ways to invest in yourself!

1)   Eating healthy – Eating healthy meals is important to maintain our well-being. It’s easy to fall into the routine of snacking at breakfast and having leftover pizza for dinner, but what it does to our health is terrible. Eating nutritious food at the right intervals is one of many ways to invest in your health.

2)   Reading – If you are a non-reader, get into the habit of reading books, or at the very least, blogs. With the advent of audiobooks and podcasts, finding time for reading is now easier than ever.

3)   Exercise regularly

4)   Invest time in self-care as a way to invest in yourself

5)   Meditate to relieve stress and anxiety and deal with mental health issues.

6)   Maintain a gratitude journal and practise being grateful for every good thing in life also read my good vibes quotes

7)   Switch off your phone when you go to bed.


invest in yourself

invest in yourself again and again


8)   Practise self-love by pampering yourself, having some alone time with your thoughts, or by treating yourself to that new movie you have been wanting to watch.

9)   Block out time in your schedule for date nights with your partner, or a night out with your friends if you are single.

10)  Work on honing your skills and extending your skillset

11)  Pick up a new hobby or an old one, like doodling, and engage in it.

12)  Keep learning new things. If there is a skill you can learn to further your business, do it.

13)  Track your sleep hours, mood and stress levels, so that you can zero in on the stress factors.

14)  Practise one act of kindness daily

15)  Practise positive self-talk and affirmations regularly. Read my quotes on self respect

16)  Sign up for online courses on websites like Skillshare to learn new things.

17)  Switch off the social media and email alerts on your phone while you are working.

18)  Invest time in detoxification. From detoxifying teas and foods to detoxing from social media, you need time off to let your body purge those toxins.

19)  Maintain a happiness journal.

20)  Indulge in introspection and assess where you are at in life, where you want to be, and how to get there.

21)  Practise forgiveness and acceptance of things you have no control over.

22)  Be content with what you have.


invest in yourself


More ways to invest in yourself

23)  Stop the comparisons with others. The only comparison you should be making is with yourself.

24)  Be a dreamer. Dreamers are the doers. The more you dream, the more you are inclined to fulfil them.

25)  Mingle with people; socialize.

26)  Spend quality time with your loved ones.

27)  Make your loved ones feel special by giving them a small gift or sending them a lovely message in the morning.

28)  Search for a mentor, someone who will take you under their wing.

29)  Keep investing in your education. There’s no limit to gathering knowledge.

30)  Take part in seminars.

31)  Learn how to take care of your finances – a key invest in yourself scenario!


ways to invest in yourself

ways to invest in yourself


More ways to invest in yourself ….

32)  Create a schedule for your days and stick to it.

33)  Make good habits.

34)  Set your boundaries and be strict about them. Knowing when to say no is important.

35)  Get insurance.

36)  Take a break and breathe. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all that you have to do. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

37)  Start investing money for your future.

38)  Try your hand at something creative.

39)  Explore the arts and culture – attend plays, operas, etc.

40)  Engage in friendly debates with people to open up your mind.

41)  Take care of your health – take vitamins, go for regular check-ups.

42)  Keep your brain active by playing word games or doing simple calculations yourself instead of using a calculator.

43)  Get some sunshine; it’s essential to get your vitamin D.

44)  Start saying “I love you” more often, to your loved ones as well as to yourself.

45)  Be polite with people, but don’t let them take advantage of your nicety.

46)  Create a morning routine.

47)  Find out your self-love language.

48)  Find out your perfect ways to relieve stress.

49)  Let go of grudges and past mistakes.

50)  Prioritize your mental health over everything else.



Further reading on ways to invest in yourself

So, this is it. I hope that this list of ways to invest in yourself helps you to find different ways to invest in yourself and become your best self. Which ones are you planning on adopting and why? Drop your answers in the comments below. I’d love to read them.



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