iPhone Apps to Manage Home Chores

iPhone Apps to Manage Home Chores

Guest post – iPhone Apps to Manage Home Chores

In today’s busy world anything that can help you run your household more efficiently as well as more smoothly should be examined. Those who are owners of Apple’s latest mobile upgrade, the iPhone 5, can take advantage of some apps that are designed to help manage household chores.



iPhone Apps to Manage Home Chores

The following apps can help you no matter what size of family you have.
One app called ‘You Rule Chores’ utilizes an incentive system to motivate kids to complete chores. Kids establish a character on the app. They then earn points for each chore they complete. Parents also have a reward system that consists of both coins and power-ups. Coins can be collected to purchase virtual items.

Another iPhone app that can help manage chores in your home is Chore Pad. The intent of this app is to provide a virtual reward to a family member when they complete a listed chore. Stars are accumulated and cashed in for a trophy. Some parents add another component by providing a tangible reward to the child with the most stars. This app is a great tool for families with young children.

Chore Hero is another recommend app to help families get chores done. A chore list is created with the app and then each chore is assigned to a family member, whenever the chore is finished the person who completed it earns points. The family member with the most points can receive a fancy title within the app. This particular chore app is ideal to encourage children to complete more chore tasks.
A more basic app that can be downloaded to the iPhone is Home Chores which permits users to create categories of places where chores can be completed. With this app, it is possible to email chores to family members. The app is rather simplistic which may be an appealing feature to many families.


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