Is a bigger house the right move?

Is a bigger house the right move for you?

Over the past year many people have spent more time at home than ever before working, homeschooling, shielding, just generally being locked down and dealing with the pandemic 

Oh it is amazing (but not in a good way)  how when you are all home, all the time, you really do become aware of you r space..or lack of it . So many people I know have been telling me they are craving a bigger house but is a bigger house the right move? 

There is a lot to consider.


Is a bigger house the right move?


Can you maximise the space you have 

Before you even think about investing into a bigger house you might want to take a good look around you. Will a massive declutter and  purchasing some excellent storage make your space feel bigger. Will removing heavy curtains, investing in blinds makes a difference?

Really think about space and light in each and every room, white clear spaces really work for me.  

Making space can be simple and taking a minimalist  approach to you home really can help it feel bigger.

Perhaps you have a guest room that is never used but you work in a corner of the kitchen and everyone disturbs you? If so  get converting that guest room in to a multi functioning space and grab back the space and privacy you need.



Can you extend your property?

Another aspect you could consider before investigating buying a bigger house is to consider whether it is practical and cost-effective for you to extend the home you already have. You have to give this a lot of thought and consideration. Is it worth the cost, is it what you really want, can you live with the disruption? Will it truly add value? Will you need planning permission?

Do thoroughly explore this option before taking the plunge and do get some expert advice financially and architecturally. 

Is a bigger house the right move for you?


Is a bigger house the right move for you?

You might conclude, after all this careful consideration, that  a bigger home is right for you and if that is the case you need to start exploring what you can afford. It doesn’t have to mean a bigger mortgage, but let’s be honest it probably does.

Do you know how much you can afford?  According to Which? Rightmove forecasts that house prices will rise by 4% in 2021 – great news if you are selling but not so great if you are buying.

It is always worth exploring  your budget in depth before trying to seek out your dream house otherwise you will only be disappointed.

But how can you check what you can afford quickly and easily?

You also need to take into account the entire shifting process from your old home to a new one. Make sure to get help from experts that specialize in house removals in london to make the move an easy and convenient one. 

Can you afford a bigger house?

So can you afford a bigger house – that is the big questions isn’t it? Taking a look at this UK mortgage repayment calculator will help you to decide. It is such a great resource so simple and intuitive to use and allows you to calculate really easily what you can afford in the way of a mortgage for a bigger house. This free calculator enables you to look at monthly payments on a mortgage loan for a fixed-rate loan along with interest-only payments.

Make it your first stop when you are considering buying a bigger house – once you know your budget then explore your options and begin your search if a move is what you conclude.


bigger house


Take your time and really think everything through, do you r research and make your plans. A bigger house may be exactly what your  family need.

Good luck! 





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