Is Composite Decking Affordable?

Is Composite Decking Affordable? – is this something you have contemplated?

Over the past ten years or so, composite decking has gradually come to dominate the UK decking market. searches for ‘composite decking’ overtook ‘timber decking’ searches circa 2016, and the gap has only grown wider and wider since then.

Composite deck boards—made by combining real wood fibre with synthetic materials—are popular because they last for years and require virtually zero maintenance (unlike timber deck boards, which must be stained every year or so).

But is composite decking really the best choice for budget-conscious households?


Is Composite Decking Affordable?

Is Composite Decking Affordable?


How much does composite decking cost?

Decking boards tend to be priced per square metre. As with any product, higher quality tends to come at a higher price.

Hollow composite decking tends to cost between £40 and £60 per m2. Solid composite decking is sturdier, but a little more expensive for it—expect to pay approximately £50 to £100 per m2.

‘Capped’ composite decking is a deluxe option that has gained immense popularity in recent years. These boards are protected by a moisture-resistant polymer sleeve that’s easy to wipe clean, leaving your deck spotless. If you decide to purchase capped decking for your garden, you’re probably looking at the higher end of the price range quoted above.



Is it worth the price?

Composite decking is generally more expensive than hardwood decking, but good-quality composite products do come with a number of advantages that justify the larger price tag:

  • Easier installation
  • Fewer maintenance requirements
  • More resistant to cracks and splinters

Depending on the supplier, composite decking may also be a greener choice than traditional timber boards. Hardwood decking products tend to be manufactured using wood from tropical forests, whereas composite deck boards are often made using recycled wood materials. Check out some top rated deck stain reviews to find out more about the right stain for your deck. 

Ultimately, it all depends on what’s important to you. Some people feel that there’s simply no substitute for solid wood decking, but if you want to make life easy for yourself—if you want your garden deck to last for years with minimal effort on your part—then yes, composite decking is worth the price.


How to pay less for your composite decking

It’s always worth looking for special offers and discounts before you purchase decking boards for your garden. UK decking suppliers often reduce their prices for a limited time, especially during the autumn and winter months when demand for their product is lower.

So keep your eyes peeled for a seasonal composite decking sale and you may just be able to bag yourself a bargain. Be sure also to order a sample of your chosen decking, or else visit the shop to see it in person—it’s a good idea to see and feel the product for yourself before you commit to a purchase.


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