Is shopping good therapy?

Is shopping good therapy?

If you are feeling down do you cheer yourself up by shopping or treat yourself to something nice to make yourself feel better? Many many people do.

When I was bought up we lived near a Birds cake making factory. (I know cool right! – this is why I am currently doing Jenny Craig however!)  If we were happy? Dad bought a cake. If we were sad? Mum bought us a cake. As I grew up and managed to resist cakes for a while I would buy other things to celebrate or commiserate with myself. Shopping was a form of therapy.

I have to say though as a form of therapy shopping is like telling your problems to your best sympathetic mate. You might get a warm, fuzzy, kiss it better feeling but it doesn’t actually sort anything out. And unlike your telling your best mate it can leave you considerably poorer.


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What is really going on

So when you are feeling down rather than go shopping to cheer yourself up think you could instead think about ways to really address what is wrong.

  1. Try writing everything down in black and white. Take your 3 top worries and for each write 1 positive action you can take. Diary in when you are going to do it. Your mind should feel clearer and you have a workable plan,
  2. Talk it over then ask the person you talk to help you find some positivity with your issues. Ask somebody who is focussed and proactive not just someone who is a good kind listener.
  3. Go for a long walk and think about how you feel constructively. Cry, shout, scream it out then quietly think it through.


Is shopping good therapy?

Not in the long term – try these instead

However if you just want a quick fix pick- me-up (that costs £0) why not…

  • Watch something funny on TV
  • Re-read your favourite book
  • Have a big long hot fragrant bath
  • Ring your best friends and tell her all about it
  • Bake a cake (cakes always figure!)
  • Look at an old photo album full of people you love
  • Write a nice letter to your oldest relative
  • Play your favourite tunes  from your teen years
  • Do any form of exercise: skipping and trampolining are great!
  • Paint your nails, wash your hair and pop on your best clothes (shallow perhaps but def a good quick fix!)
  • Ask your partner for a massage


There are many ways you can therapeutically help yourself without the need for shopping!

Is shopping good therapy? No I would have to say in my opinion it isn’t!


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