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Hello, hello how you doing? I’m back to share my 5 frugal things. these 5 frugal things each week develop good frugal habits and it is well worth noting and reflecting on how you save money.

Just a quickie from me as I’ve taken on extra work to pay for Christmas and ahgggghh time short!

We have, however, had a fun week….


family budgeting

  • Out for a pizza tea (we used Tesco Clubcard vouchers)
  • Making the most of Netflix Christmas movies for entertainment
  • A few Christmas cards bought for friends far away but not big piles for everyone as I have done in previous years
  • My son is away and I did think of taking my daughter to the cinema but agreed to 2 playdates instead…so much fun for her and a much cheaper option
  • My uber clever OH  saved us a pile of money by fixing our taps himself and being brave/taking the time to learn something that really was out of his comfort zone. Impressive

So yep, short, sweet and simple savings here. How’s your week been. Did you pull off a thrifty one?



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  1. lisa
    December 7, 2018 / 08:14

    Here is my fab five frugal things:

    1) I have used some of my credit card rewards points and Swagbucks points for free Christmas gifts. For this holiday, I’m giving out about $225 in cards.
    2) My husband loves to read and I found a book on ebay for $4 (usd). It will get wrapped up as well. I saved $16.
    3) The youngest is attending college but we stopped driving him there ( he refuses to learn). The college gave him a pass for the bus and train, which he catches next to our home. We save a lot on gas! We save about $1,500/year.
    4)A person that I work with let my son borrow a college book. Free for us to use, indefinitely. We saved $100.
    5) I was given a indoor exercise bike by my dad about 22 years ago. It finally broke. I did purchase another one from Amazon with free delivery. I also used free gift cards from swagbucks and saved $50!

  2. December 7, 2018 / 10:49

    Netflix is brilliant isn’t it, we are loving the Christmas films too! The children really enjoyed The Christmas Chronicles. Well done to your OH for fixing the plumbing, its a scary area to attempt anything isn’t it! I’ve linked up, but I think my link is hiding behind your sidebar, might just be my browser though – have a lovely week x

  3. December 7, 2018 / 12:59

    I am lucky that Mr S is happy to have a go at fixing pretty much anything.. well done on the play dates. That’s what kids love!

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