Just a little red jug

Sometimes when I am down in the dumps I spend money (let’s be honest almost all of us do from time to time no matter how thrifty we are.) I try to spend it on non disposables and avoid chocolate and magazines. I like to find treasures instead that will brighten my day and cheer me up again and again.

Last week it rained and was grey all the whole day long. Struggling to lift a gloomy mood on a gloomy day I grabbed my purse and headed off to my local Cancer Research Shop and look at the little treat I found.

A gorgeous little French pottery jug just £1.75!

little red jug

Emile Henry are a well established French kitchen ware company with great heritage. I have found one of these jugs for sale for £30 on ebay. But I am not selling. It is my happy jug.


It is just perfect to pop next to a picture of my mum and display a few pretty flowers.


£1.75 spent and a little brightness in my day.

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