Keeping Children Safe in the Home

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While you may have had a blissful first year with your baby, the moment that he or she starts to crawl is when that brief hassle-free time is over! Toddlers and babies love to explore, that’s why it is so important to make sure that your home is completely childproofed to guarantee their safety.

Ticking off this home safety checklist will help reduce the risk of accidents while putting your mind to rest about your child’s safety…

1) Fit a Fire Guard
Kids will want to investigate everything as they crawl around and explore, this can be particularly dangerous if you have a fireplace or wood burning stove. A fire guard can be easily fitted around your fireplace, meaning that it cannot be reached by your child. There are a number of other safety measures you can utilise with your fireplace such as choosing balanced flue gas fires – these fires are glass fronted so that the fire is completely sealed from the room for additional safety and care for your children.

2) Fix Safety Gates
Take your eyes of little kids for a minute and they will make a dash out of the room – this can be particularly hazardous if they head towards the stairs. Safety gates are quick and easy to install, and can ensure that your children don’t try to crawl or run to any area that they shouldn’t. Safety gates are particularly useful for fitting at the top and bottom of the stairs.

3) Cover Sockets
Modern British sockets feature in-built safety shutters – this means it is impossible for anyone to get electrocuted by playing with the socket or placing something inside the socket however plastic cover sockets should also be used to discourage children from messing with the sockets.

4) Keep Appliances out of Reach
Kids can try to reach and pull at anything in the home, so it is important to keep appliances and any other dangerous utensils way out of arms reach for children. A good idea is to take a ‘baby’s eye view’ by crawling on the floor yourself to see if there are any potential risks that baby could reach and then moving these items elsewhere.

5) Keep Children Supervised
While it is very important to follow the above tips, one of the best ways that you can childproof any home is to keep an eye on your child at all times. As children get older they become more independent, and everything from fire guards to safety gates will ensure they remain safe even if they are unsupervised for a moment.



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