Keeping fit and sleeping well




Keeping fit and sleeping well

Keeping fit and sleeping well – top tips

I have been struggling to sleep for quite a well and sleeping better is a big focus of my well being project.

I have been going to the gym regularly now for a few weeks and I have been whizzing about on my fabulous microscooter (which is going to need a light pretty soon Winter is definitely creeping in.)

I do think exercise and fresh air have helped a little with my sleep time problems but it is still not consistent and I haven’t been sleeping through the night. This stresses out both me and my partner and makes us snappy. It like having the kids as babies once again without them being babies. We are feeling irritable, tired and cranky and it’s half term!

According to the NHS in order to function properly, most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep. I get about 5.

One of the proven benefits of a good nights sleep is that it can stabilize your mood. Oh yes that is plain to see in its opposite effect.

I have to sort my sleep out.

I get off to sleep okay but I wake after just a few hours. Then again after a few hours then again. It is o broken and I don’t always get straight back off to sleep.

Another benefit of  a good nights sleep is a healthy weight. Listen to this, I had never heard this.

When you’re body craves sleep, it triggers appetite- inducing hormones in your blood that make you want to eat more than you need.

That makes complete sene to me as I always start on jam tarts and crumpets at about 9pm if I am still working ( I know terribly bad idea!)

Having sleep problems interferes with so much,  if you have problems with your sleep  click here for sleep advice

I hope you have found my post on keeping fit and sleeping well useful

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