Keeping Sane When You Have House Guests

House guests can descend at any time of the year, although for many families Christmas is the time when they have the most family and friends staying. After all, you will want to share the magic and festivities with your nearest and dearest. However, having extra people around the home can also be a little maddening at times. That is why it’s vital to have a plan and stick to it where house guests are concerned. Read on for some more details on this.


Give them an arrive and leave date

Open-ended stay as are usually not the right choice when you have house guests over the festive period. After all, it can be an expensive and stressful few weeks, and you will want some time on your own to recover.

So to prevent house guests outstaying their welcome you need to be very clear with arrival and departure dates, and even times, depending on how good they are at picking up on subtle signals. Otherwise, you could get into the difficult position of having to ask them to leave. This could create problems, make your guests feel unwanted, and perhaps even cause a family rift or argument. Something that can really sour an otherwise pleasant stay!


Create some space for them

Creating a guest room can save a lot of stress. Image here

It is also useful if you have the space to give your house guests their own area to be in. This works well because it means you are not in cramped condition sand tripping over each other. It also means that they can have a little privacy and you can have a good moan if something has annoyed you, without the risk of starting WW3.

To provide this space, you may need to clear out the spare room ahead of time and turn it into a proper guest room. You can put some of the unneeded items into places like Extra Room Self Storage if there is nowhere else in the house for them to go. If there is no spare room where you can place your house guests, then things can get a little tricky. They can stay on made up beds in the lounge or dining room. Although this may impact the rest of the family and the dynamic of the household. So remember to only do this for a shorter stays.


Ensure they know the house rules

It may seem impolite to give your guests a list of rules when they arrive. Although as long as you do it with kindness and a welcoming spirit, it can actually make everything way more comfortable for all concerned.

For example, if members of the family are working and need to use the bathroom at a certain time, it’s best to let your guests know this, so they don’t cause chaos in the mornings. It’s also very important to let any house guests know about things like food allergies that members your house household suffer from. Just in case they end up making their own snacks with items that you usually avoid in the kitchen.

It is these small organisational actions that will ensure that your house guests’ visit is successful and enjoyable for all concerned.


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