Kids Sleeping Problems – Solutions for Tricky Times

Kids Sleeping Problems – Solutions for Tricky Times

If you are worried about your kids sleeping problems solutions are here at hand. Dr Nerina Ramlakham, professional sleep expert and professional physiologist, offers her top tips on how to help your child settle more quickly and sleep deeply during these uncertain times:


Kids Sleeping Problems


Bedding that comforts 

The sense of touch is very key for children.  Most children will have a favoured stuffed toy but they might also benefit from the feeling of a velvety throw or heavy blanket – something that feels comforting against their skin and soothes their nervous system.  Ask them what feels good to them.


Smells to vanquish Kids Sleeping Problems

the sense of smell is closely linked to feeling safe – even if it’s just at a subconscious level.  Experiment with scents such as lavender and eucalyptus oils particularly if you use this in your own bedroom.  Put a few drops on a tissue and ask them to tell you what smells good and whether it makes them feel good.




Reassurance and rest

if your child is going through a tough patch with their sleep try to reassure them as much as possible.  If the word ‘sleep’ is becoming a bit of a stress-inducer encourage them to think about resting rather than sleeping and you will soon see your kids sleeping problems disappear.


Gratitude will get Kids Sleeping Problems Sorted

          One of my favourite techniques for helping little ones to get to sleep if they are upset (it works beautifully with adults too – try it and see for yourself!).  Get them comfy in bed and then ask       them to think of as many nice things that happened in their day as possible and how it made them feel.   This last question is really key – how did it make you feel?  And where did it feel good in your body? They might need some initial prompting and will then often say – it felt good in my tummy or in my chest.  Gently prompt them to recapture that feeling in their body may be by placing their hand on their belly or chest and breathing into that spot. 


A Love meditation for kids sleeping problems

– Teach your child this beautiful meditation by saying it out loud to them and getting them to silently repeat it to themselves you will soon have kids sleeping soundly af with this

I love my right foot

I love my right big toe

I love my right little toe

I love all the toes of my right foot

I love the top of my right foot

I love the bottom of my right foot

I love my right ankle

I love my left foot

And so on…..

Tell them that they will start to fall asleep and lose the meditation and that as soon as this happens they have to go back to the starting point…

I love my right foot.

It will probably make them giggle – but that’s not such a bad thing is it?




The Perfect Bedtime Story

a carefully crafted story which has just the right words, rhythm and sound can induce a powerful sense of inner safety for children.  


You can hear more from Dr Nerina here


Further reading

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