Kids Winter Wear: What to Buy for Little Girls

Today -Kids Winter Wear: What to Buy for Little Girls

Despite being a frugal mum, I absolutely love to buy my kids nice clothes. When it comes to fashion, I take the approach to buying quality over quantity. So nice pieces — but just a few. This is more preferable to me than having bulging cupboards of fast fashion. Buying fashion this way can be especially useful during the winter as more expensive items such as coats and boots will last for years to come. It is all about investing in staple pieces for your little girls in 2019 like the lovely items you can find at Monnalisa kids

Here are 5 things I think every little fashionista needs this season:


What to Buy for Little Girls

Cosy Accessories

Monnalisa kids sell beautiful clothes and they have the best tights! I think a wonderful pair of tights can make a plain outfit into something really special. Take a look at these bunny tights aren’t they the cutest?

A great pair of boots

Ah, nothing is as comfy as a pair of boots and that runs true whether you are 40 or 4! Check out these fabulous pink metallic boots, now you would most definitely be noticed in these, wouldn’t you? And doesn’t the furry lining look all snug?



A hat

Oh, it covers a bad hair day and keeps you toasty. A hat is every fashion loving girl’s best kept accessory. This one is delightful don’t you think. I love how traditional it is with the pom-pom, floral embroidery and bonnet strings.




A brilliant bag

We all need a bag don’t we for ‘stuff’ – all sorts of stuff! And little girls are no exception. Now this bag is a bit special, it is from Stella McCartney kids at the children’s designer retailer Strawberry (and I would consider it an investment and probably borrow it too!)


A kicking pair of trainers

These girls’ trainers from Monnalisa are just completely perfect. I adore them and what little girl wouldn’t. It’s a shame they don’t come in my size so that I can match my ‘mini me’. The cute bow detailing is a great way to jazz up any outfit and who doesn’t love a bit of leopard print?



So, there you have it – my 5 top fashion must-haves for little girls in 2019. Let me know what you think of the items and if there is something else you would add to the list.

Quality pieces you love are so much more valuable than fast fashion … (and think of the resale value)


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