Kitchen Tools Budgeting: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

Kitchen Tools Budgeting

Kitchen Tools Budgeting


Kitchen Tools Budgeting

When you’re planning to equip your kitchen with the right set of kitchen tools, it’s sometimes necessary to pick and choose where to splurge and places to cut back.

It’s critical to make the right choices, otherwise you’ll be left with poor quality equipment to prepare your meals. This will likely cause frustration, but it also creates unnecessary secondary spending to buy a higher priced replacement later on. Because of this, it’s important to be selective when you have a tighter budget and still need to pick up the essentials.

Here are some suggestions on where to splurge, save or be somewhere in the middle of the price range.


Mixing Bowls

While it’s tempting to get several mixing bowls and spend up for something fancy, that’s completely unnecessary. At the end of the day, it’s just a circular bowl that’s mass produced. Look for the most affordable one that you can. Be sure to get the right size for your needs, but select a budget option.


Serving Trays

A decent serving tray or two elevates the serving of your meal. It also makes your meal easier to bring to the table without repeated trips. If you’ve invited guests over, cutting the number of trips to the kitchen in half is a great idea.

You can choose from several wood serving trays that are built to last. Rather than using a basic tray, spend up for a beautiful wooden one that will itself be a talking point by dinner guests wanting to know where you got it. It’s up to you whether you share the secret or not!


Skillet Make from Cast Iron

A cast-iron skillet is the kind of pan that you find you cannot do without once you have one. While it’s weighty in the hand – and may need two hands to hold it when it’s loaded up – it’s a great pan which gives an outdoor cooking feel indoors.

When you like to cook with olive or avocado oil to give the food added flavor, then a cast iron skillet with its deep sides lets you move the food around to ensure it cooks evenly.

However, cleaning a skillet is important to do right. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer about the proper care for their product. When used appropriately, even a mid-priced cast iron skillet will last many years.



Some knife sets when looking for a bargain cut back on the quality of the steel and the manufacturing quality too. All too quickly, the handles work loose and the knife becomes garbage at that point.

Take a different approach. We’d suggest a general-purpose knife for most tasks and if your budget will stretch to it, then go for a single, specialized knife. Look for a higher quality all-purpose chef’s knife that you can see yourself using frequently to prepare different meals. If you prepare certain kinds of meals, perhaps fresh fish, then you might want to choose a second knife that will help gut fish better.



There are some very fancy toasters that have all the bells and whistles. You don’t need that. Pick a toaster that will toast two slices at the same time. The basic design of toasters is the same. They all get toast stuck inside at some point. Pick a basic toaster, but don’t go for the lowest model from a favored brand; pick one or two models up to avoid a manufacturer’s cost cutting that impacts performance. Then you should be all set and save money.

By picking and choosing where to spend up and where to cut back, you can make your budget work for you and not against you. Make a list of what you plan to buy and the best prices you can find. Then make changes until the list fits your budget perfectly.



Kitchen Tools Budgeting


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