Last Minute Holidays

Last Minute Holidays

My weight loss in not on track and the wind  has blown my fence off. How rubbish! My bones are achy I’m a bit pasty and am no where near ready to don a bikini. Today I have been mostly moaning. Can you tell?

But moaning never got me anywhere so I have decided to shake things up and formulate a plan. Here is what I need to consider….

1)  I need a goal to aim for in regard to my weight so booking in  a holiday might make a good focus and get me on track

2) I can’t change the fact it’s cold and windy but can lodge my mind on sunny climes and warm myself up that way.

So to kick the diet into shape and shake off the freezing cold winter blues I need to be thinking HOLIDAYS!!

last minute holidays


Last Minute Holidays

Last minute deals often bring the best value, but I certainly want to get a destination in mind now. I would love to go to Morroco, Cyprus, Wyoming, India, Malta, Gibralter, Australia, Ibiza. Oh I could go on and on. I’m feeling warmer and cheerier already. …dreams are definitely within my budget.

On the internet you can find some amazing last minute holidays that save you lots of money.  Last minute can mean 6 weeks away, it doesn’t necessarily mean pack your bags we are off tomorrow! I once went to Nice last minute and had an awesome holiday with about 1 weeks notice. Didn’t manage to get ‘quite’ bikini ready though

Last Minute Holidays

Where would you go to  if in 6 weeks you could be somewhere amazing?



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