Laundryheap – a fast laundry collection service

When might you need a laundry collection service?

Do you ever have laundry problems? I certainly do, I have teenagers.

 Enough said really.

 They seem to think the laundry basket is their floor and they let their dirty clothes build up and up then put them all in at once. It drives me mad! 

Have you heard of laundryheap? It is like having an uber for your laundry. Seriously. You simply book a slot and van turns up, whisks away your laundry and returns it all done and dusted the next day.

How fabulous is that?

It would certainly help me when my aforementioned teens have a school trip and suddenly present me with a pile of laundry I cannot possibly get through a couple of days before.

Laundryheap also takes dry cleaning which is also returned within 24 hours. Such a blessing if you suddenly realise the suit you need is stained   or the wedding outfit you want to wear just isn’t quite pristine enough having been stored away for quite some time. 

laundry collection service


Using laundryheap  laundry collection service

You can use laundryheap in London, Birmingham, Manchester or Coventry.

You simply book on the app or through the website and collections take place right up until 10 pm.

The service prides itself on being quick, easy to use, and the most reliable professional laundry and dry cleaning service. They wash you clothes separately to other peoples using local business partners to reduce their carbon emissions.  

If you aren’t home that’s not a problem either as you can leave your laundry in a safe place or simply reschedule using the app. it is all so very easy.

Prices are simply and clearly explained on the website so there is no confusion. and there are no hidden charges.

Options for service include wash, wash and iron, just ironing, dry cleaning and duvets and bulky items.  I don’t know about you but there is not a chance a duvet would fit in my washing machine so this would be a brilliant service for us. 


So what do you think? Could you see yourself using a service like laundryheap. Personally, I have to say I just love it! So convenient, swift and straightforward  –  absolutely perfect for those times you just need a little extra help



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