Review: Lavera Skin Products

Nu an e-shop specializing in healthy and natural products. offer a large range of products chosen by thir team of sports scientists, physicians and expert nutritionists. They also offer their own brand of natural products. They have just launched their European store and are looking to expand in the UK . I was invited to review some of their products.

I chose Lavera ‘My Age’ producrts to review. These are apparently a much loved German brand and these Lavera skin products are for the more mature skin.

I received

Lavera My Age Restoring Day Cream 30 ml
Lavera My Age Regenerating Night Care: 30 ml
Lavera My Age Intensive Eye Cream: 15 ml

It was the organic nature of the natural ingredients that drove me to these products and they do indeed feel very creamy and moisturizing yet totally natural.  They smell rather lovely too.

The day cream aims to gives you  younger, firmer skin through  hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and Cova Btrox extract.It contains white tea and karanja oil to protect your   skin too The night cream supports the natural synthesis of collagen as well as the structure of the connective tissue so this is both healing and plumping whilst you sleep. The natural oils from almonds and jojoba are also included and these help hydrate the skin.

I have been using the products for  a few days now and my skin is not irritated at all (and it is often sensitive to new products and it does feel plump and well nourished. I am delighted with these products. 

Do have a look at Nu3 it has such healthy products including items for mother and baby.



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