Lewis Hamilton driving the school run

I wish I encountered  Lewis Hamilton driving the school run each morning. Though it would most certainly take my attention off the road though and that wouldn’t be a good thing would it?

Allianz Insurance and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™  team linked up with Lewis Hamilton to make this video to show the struggle a school run can be (particularly with busy, chattering distracting kids) . It’s certainly challenging  even for professional drivers used to facing tough challenges!

In the video you can see he drives too extremely excited school kids on their school run and I have to say to me this is a very familiar scenario… though without Lewis sadly.

Take a look….


Those girls will be the coolest school kids ever after that! Weren’t they great. Wasn’t Lewis lovely? And I adored their song. I bet there were some screams form the school mums!

My kids are equally chatty and distracting and lively each morning you have to really concentrate when driving them. I always have a strong coffee something to eat and make sure I am fully awake before we get in the car. I sometimes put on an audio book too just to keep the kids quiet!

We have an absolute rule in my car when mummy is parking no on is allowed to speak! (I am a truly rubbish parker!)

On a serious note though it is so important to be concentrating when there are kids all over the place. The school run really can be quite hazardous!

Anyway off to do the school run….






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