Lionel Ritchie, a Sparkly Ballgown and a Champagne Tea on Park Lane

Okay what do Lionel Ritchie, a sparkly ballgown and a champagne tea somewhere very posh all have in common…


Well only sort of. In a funny kind of way.

Actually all 3 of these things are things I would absolutely love but they all seem pretty unreachable on my budget.

Yesterday however I got to review an afternoon champagne tea on Park Lane and it was rather magic.  Dreams should come true don’t you think ?

I would so love to go and see Lionel Ritchie, I adore him. He is playing in Nottingham this weekend.  Lionel Ritchie tickets would be sold out by now  right? Well you see I know about StubHub a fabulous place where fans sell on tickets they no longer need (you can also sell your tickets on there too.)  It’s all guaranteed  and safe and a great way to find tickets when you think they are all gone. So now all I need is some spare cash!

            Where fans buy & sell tickets™
Okay next to the sparkly dress. Well I’ve been finding out this weekend about dress rental.  I once rented a wedding dress and I know you can rent fancy dress but I didnt know you could rent ball gowns and other sorts of dresses, How cool!
Loving this one from The Frock Exchange!

Prices from £65

My local charity shops are packed full of blinging dresses too so that a way to get a sparkly ballgown on a budget.

If you have things you dream about and really want do have a search around and see if you can get them another way, a cheaper way, a different way.  I always find that talking to other people is a great way of opening up new pathways  and ideas. try asking on twitter or facebook and you often get a lot of responses form diverse resources!



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