The little things that make a house a home

We have lived in our current home for 12 years now.  We so very nearly didn’t buy it. This house is wonky and was badly decorated and a bit… odd. There is definitely subsidence in the area and the floors slope and there are cracks in most of the window frames. The garden was ramshackle and bare and so much needed to be done. But it had 3 bedrooms and I wanted a family.

The other house vying for our attention was absolutely pristine and really well decorated and finished. It has an absolutely lovely bespoke wardrobe that is imprinted on my memory. Sigh. The couple that lived their were professional and trendy and looked really ‘sorted’. I was in my 20’s and aspirational. I wanted their life. But more than that I wanted a family and  the big rambly garden and the extra space in the shambles house won my heart.

I never quite forgot the pristine house though tiny and unsuitable for babies as it was it had 2 things that made it just covetable. To be honest I loved it largely because of the tailor made  walk in wardrobe. Yes that’s right in a tiny house a walk in wardrobe had been created and it was full to bursting with organized designer clothes and paired up and boxed gorgeous shoes. My clothes are forever squashed up with my husbands and I have no peace when I am dressing. Even now I long for that wardrobe. I could sort my belongings out into order and dress leisurely in the peace and quiet.


desk white

That  tiny pristine house also had a tiny pristine office. Oh, how I would love an office. I work in a little corner of the kitchen facing a wall and it’s fine but its not private. I can’t leave things out ready to work on the next day. The kids use my computer and they thinks its communal space. It drives me mad!

Last but not least what I recall most and envy most about that house we nearly bought is that it  had really lovely door knobs. I know what a ridiculous thing to remember but they were gorgeous all different and so pretty. It wouldn’t be hard to change ours I suppose.

It’s funny isn’t it the little things that make a house feel like a home.That tiny house was definitely a home. Gorgeous.

Our rambly home is gorgeous too, crazy, chaotic and a constant fight against too much stuff and a bit worse for where but a home nevertheless. It contains the fella and the little folk so I would never swap it ( but next time round I want a big walk in wardrobe, an office and nice door knobs!)


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