Living Room Trends in 2021

Living room trends in 2021

So are you thinking of updating your living room this year? Do you have any design s you are really taken with and a plan or do you have not the first clue where to start?

I have been looking at my living room and thinking I want a much more minimalist look but a comfortable and snug one too. Other than that I am really unsure. Time to give it some thought and take a good look at living room trends in 2021.


Living Room Trends in 2021

Living Room Trends in 2021

Living room trends in 2021

I have been perusing homewares from April & Oak and been greatly inspired by some of the gorgeous items they have there – all the items below showcasing this years living room trends are from their lovely website.


Curvy Sofas

This curvaceous sofa in particular caught my eye. I love it’s sleek, minimalist lines but also the soft curve and plush material that make it look oh so comfy too.

The best of both worlds combining style and comfort. 


Living Room Trends in 2021

Velvet remains a key trend in 2021 and is the perfect material for a sofa. It looks so luxe. To offset the grey and to really add a little vibrancy to the room I would add in some cushions and plants.

Curvy furniture will increasingly grow in popularity in 2021 and I love that, I always feel curvy furniture feels like a hug.


Pink Cushions

With a grey sofa I would be tempted to go traditional find yellow cushions but I have to say the very popular rose pink of this season would work rather beautifully too. It is more  neutral than yellow and trends lean heavily into neutrals this year. But oh there is something so lovely about pink in a room especially rose pink – it makes one think of spring and flowers!


Living Room Trends in 2021

Living Room Trends in 2021


Plastic Plants

We are spending more time than ever actually in our homes due to the current circumstances and so of course the yen to bring the outside in is strong.

One wonderful way of doing this is with plants.  Now, you don’t have to be green fingered to embrace this trend and yes faking it is absolutely fine. Healthy looking plants always make a home look so well cared for and it is certainly better to have a fake beauty than wilting real one!

Vibrant green foliage, real or not, adds life to your interiors and lend a natural vibe that is key in 2021. Fake plants are such good quality these days – no one would ever guess that it is not real.


plant trends in 2021


Cool Calming Colours in Living Room Trends in 2021

Dulux, the paint specialists have chosen  Brave Ground™, as their colour of the year. It speaks of  nature and the simple things and is a beautiful and warm, earthy tone, It works beautifully with lot of plants #, a simple sofa and the rattan and wood furniture that will be big this year. Simply gorgeous!

Pantone have declared their colour of the year too and could not settle on one so plumped for two! Illuminating yellow and ultimate grey – stunning colours that work so well in living rooms.


Both of these colour of the year choices reflect the spirit of the times, we need peace and security, to feel calm and cocooned and positive. 


Luxe Lights 

Statement lights are big in 2021 – we are all craving lots of light after being stuck indoors aren’t we? I absolutely adore these big brass pendents and think they would look simply in a living room design scheme


light trends in 2021



So there you go, a whistle stop tour of living room trends in 2021. Would you embrace any of these in your home?


Living Room Trends in 2021 is a collaborative post


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