Looking like a Princess on Mum’s Tiny Budget

Looking like a Princess on Mum’s Tiny Budget

My daughter is absolutely beautiful (I am biased I know, but it is true!) She loves to dress up and twirl like a princess from her story books. She would rather wear a pretty dress to play on a park, go to soft play well to anywhere really even if it is totally impractical. Her love of ballet is more based on the twirl skirts than the actual dance! I would love to have a lot of money to treat her to the finery she would like!


She wears dresses at every opportunity, she also has a fine selection of pretty hair bands, many coloured gorgeous girl’s party shoes and more handbags than me. She could give Suri a run for her money I’m sure!


Supermarkets have may pretty children’s clothes these days and I do buy a lot of her clothes form supermarkets. Like a lot of good budgeting mums I also get a lot of hand me downs. On her birthday though I do like her to have something really special and at least a little unusual.


Luckily my mother in law is a big clothes shopping fan. Off they will go together hand in hand on a party dress shopping adventure (this sometimes  happens at Christmas too)  Nine times out of ten they will just visit Debenhams and have a good hunt around the rather fabulous store we have here in Nottingham. Being savvy, if there is a good Debenhams discount code around at the time they will often decide on a dress but not actually buy it. Coming home to put in the order makes a lot of sense. It’s already been tried on and chosen and this way they can get a good discount. There may even be money left over for a matching handbag!

This is her latest Debenhams party dress:


I like my little girl to look like a princess and I like to indulge her but I do want her to understand about being smart where money is concerned forma young age. I encourage her to take care of her clothes, really think about what she wants and if it will get much wear. Discount codes are also a great financial education for her!


She may be a princess but she won’t need a queenly budget!





  1. Jen Stanbrook
    July 14, 2012 / 07:03

    You look gorgeous in your pretty dress little miss! And with such savvy shopping trips from your mum there will be lots more as well 🙂

  2. July 18, 2012 / 20:13

    She looks beautiful, I lover her dress. I have to say I love shopping around for a bargain for children’s clothes.

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