Looking To Sell Your House in a Hurry?

Sell Your House in a Hurry


If you’re looking to understand how to sell your house quickly at the best price this article will explain the golden rule of house selling; it’s not price or promotional strategy – it’s that of making a good first impression.

The full answer is, of course, a combination of pricing, marketing and luck… yet there’s one thing you can do to optimise the speedy sale of your home by converting curious browsers to committed buyers, and that’s to ensure your home offers a fantastic first impression!

See, the first impression your property creates is fundamental to forming the buyer’s gut instinct.  This first few few seconds are critical as they frame the viewing experience.

It’s no secret that first impressions are critical, in every situation, yet so many property owners overlook the basics with regard to this principle when it comes to selling their home such as decluttering their space and ensuring basic maintenance tasks such as painting fences, mowing lawns, and trimming the hedges are kept on top of.

Aside from using a specialist service such as flying homes, here are three tips to help create the right impression necessary to sell your home in a hurry.



You want people to see your space at it’s best, they are not buying your life, they are simply buying a space that is a blank canvas in which they can fill with their own lives.  If the space is too cluttered with personal artefacts such as family photos, artwork, and children’s toys it makes it harder for the potential buyer to see the home as their own.

Therefore, you need to declutter – even if that means there is one room full of boxes, as long as you create the impression of space and blank canvas, the potential buyer can start to see your home as a place to make their home.



If someone were to arrive at a property with an overgrown lawn or hedges, it suggests that the current owners have low standards, in that they simply don’t care enough to make an effort to take care of the basics.

The impression this gives is one of sloppiness and the question that might be prompted in their mind is what other areas have the current owners not taken care of.  If you’re struggling to sell your home then your first step is to make sure these basic maintenance issues are being taken care of.



Your favourite colour combination might be beautiful to you, but the aim when trying to sell your house is for it to be a house, not your home.  It should be a blank canvas that prospective buyers can project their own personality onto. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the bedroom as this place of rest and intimacy is probably the most personal room in the entire house.

In summary, you want to endeavour to make your home feel like it could be your prospective buyer’s home, rather than yours, by providing a clear blank canvas for which they can project their unique vision onto.


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