Low cost, high impact decor pieces

Low cost, high impact decor pieces

When you are a family on a budget it can feel like great interior design can be out of reach.

This absolutely does not have to be the case though. You just need a good splash of creativity and to understand the power of low cost, high impact decor pieces.

Here are 5 of my favourites.


Wall Clocks

You can find the gorgeous clocks featured below from Purely Wall Clocks at their online store

Low cost, high impact decor pieces


What a beautiful and clean-lined modern wall clock and it is simple, stylish and impactful.

Wall clocks are a wonderful way to add high impact decor without you having to spend a fortune,

I love the mantel varieties



This copper table alarm clockfollow it’s gleaming face shines and glows into a room – I love the vintage styling of the clocks they add such a lovely hint of nostalgia to the decor.  I do love a bit of vintage.

And you really can’t go wrong with alarm clocks like these


Isn’t this pink pastel alarm clock just the cutest – straight out of a 50’s movie and just so sweet.

Clocks can make such a difference to the theme of a room.


Light fittings

Pretty or stylish lamp shades and gorgeous light fittings are another high impact idea and are well worth investing in. Dimmer switches can really alter the mood of a home too and pools of light in corners from well-placed lamps can add a real feeling of cosiness to a home.




A great rug is a cheaper option than new flooring and can add so much to a room. A faux fur rug adds a real sense of luxury and high decor and cosies up a room beautifully too. White faux fur is the height of sophistication and can be a really inexpensive way to add luxe. It can be draped on a chair or a bed as well as more traditionally on the floor.




Throws in a luxurious fabric can also add a layer of sumptuousness to a space. Throws in complementing colours or to add a little pattern can add a depth and interest. They really can be the most wonderful accessories, low cost but with high impact.  I love a velvet throw or blanket.. I think they always look so expensive and of course silk and satin add that touch of glamour.





Candles work their magic too with their fragrance and mood lighting. Sandalwood and cedar work for me and lime, of course, add such a zing. I think this is a lovely way to add to a home inexpensively. It makes it feel such a loved space.



What would you add to your home to make it more high end/luxe in appearance?


Do leave me a comment with your suggestions, as always I do love to read them.



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