How to Make Your Baby Shower Special

baby shower

Baby showers have been all the rage of late. It has always been a traditional event but not something that everyone necessarily does, but the baby shower is being revived in modern ways. With new types of showers, interesting themes and unique entertainment. For some people it is a once in a life time opportunity to celebrate the mum-to-be’s pregnancy and it is also a great way to gather friends and family together to join in.

The more personal the better, below we have put together some ideas for holding the perfect baby shower.



Themed Showers

Themed Baby Showers can help to make the day more interesting. You could choose a colour theme or nearly anything you want for example, Disney themed or a film themed day. You could use the shower as a way to reveal to everyone the gender of the baby and decorate accordingly, unless you are expecting gifts then it may be more suitable to announce this on the invitations to the event.


Baby Sprinkles & Man Showers

A baby sprinkle is when the baby isn’t the first born of the family, these are becoming more popular with new parents. Man showers are baby showers for the father-to-be as baby showers are generally held by the mother-to-be and don’t usually have boys present.



Often people bring gifts to a shower so to show your appreciation to your guests you could bake some baby themed cakes and biscuits or tie these in with the rest of your theme. You could even have goody bags or more typically ‘favours’

Baby boy

Games to Play

So, your guests have arrived and you have watered and fed them so how can you keep them entertained? There are some great ideas for games to play at a baby shower for example, quizzes, craft games or guess the baby game with pictures of each other as children. For more ideas for other activities have a look here at the Baby Centre.


Psychic Reading

A great idea for a baby shower is to have a psychic reading, what better way to celebrate the birth  pending birth of a new family member than to find out predictions about their future life. This can be taken with a pinch of salt and be just a fun way to enjoy the day. Get in touch with Kooma who are a psychic switchboard and can give you tarot readings over the phone to save the expense of hiring someone for the day.

Have you held a baby shower recently? Let us know if you have some more good tips for new parents holding baby showers, we’d love to hear from you.


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